Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Gestão de Recursos Humanos e Académicos do Taguspark

Evaluation (SIADAP)

SIADAP is composed of 3 distinct subsystems, which must be linked to the phases of the management cycle of each service:

  1. Services: Performance Management Subsystem for Public Administration Services (SIADAP 1) is annual.
  2. Leaders: Subsystem for the Evaluation of the Performance of Public Administration Officers (SIADAP 2) is carried out by evaluative cycles of five or three years, according to the length of the service commission (five years for superior managers and three years for middle managers) being made at the end of the service commission.
  3. Employees: Subsystem for Evaluating the Performance of Public Administration Workers (SIADAP 3) is biennial and respects the performance of the previous two calendar years, beginning the process with the contracting of the evaluation parameters.