Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Gestão de Recursos Humanos e Académicos do Taguspark


The Taguspark Academic and Human Resources Unit mission is the management and organization of all academic subjects in accordance with the guidelines and strategy of the School, to harmonize the student's access to information, accompanying their course until obtaining the respective Academic degree, to promote integration and academic support of students from the Taguspark campus. Ensure maximum quality, safety and speed in the management and in the processes related to the human resources of the Taguspark Campus.

  • 2 of Mar.
  • 2023

Student Card

From Monday, march 6 2022, students should pick up their university identification card at the academic office (0.29).
From 9:30 to 16:00 (every day)

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  • 17 of Mar.
  • 2022

Green phase of the Matrix – Covid

Instituto Superior Técnico entered the green phase of the Matrix of Prevention and Contingency Phases, as of March 1, 2022.
Entering the green phase means that the Technician has returned to a “normal” operating regime.

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