Instituto Superior Técnico

Área Académica e de Pessoal do Taguspark

Academic Unit

This area develops its activities in the scope of the management of academic and administrative subjects related to the students os the undergraduate (1st Cycle) and Masters (2nd Cycle) courses.

It is the responsibility of the Academic Unit of IST Campus in Taguspark:

  • To collaborate with the Vice President for academic and human resources affairs in the definition of general area policies;
  • To manage processes and procedures related to 1st and 2nd Cycle courses;
  • To disseminate, organize and develop all the procedures inherent to the application and operation of the courses;
  • To organize the processes of enrollment, courses changes and transfers;
  • To manage the processes associated with the academic record;
  • To organize the processes of equivalences;
  • To issue, release and archive students grades;
  • To register, send, receive and archive correspondence;
  • To instruct all the processes of tuition fees;
  • To manage the academic and exams archive;
  • To issue certificates;
  • To organize and manage courses schedules;
  • To elaborate the maps of evaluation tests;
  • To supervise problems related to class overcrowding during the student enrollment process.