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Student Support

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The Taguspark Campus Student Support Office’s mission is to promote academic integration and provide psycho-pedagogical support to Taguspark campus students, supporting all sorts of initiatives that contribute to the effective involvement of the School’s academic community.

This mission is part of NAPE’s general purposes, which can be found at:

Areas of expertise:

  1. Admission and Reception, the Student Support Office and Mentors have an active participation in the enrollment process of new students, providing them with all the support they need.
  2. Integration and Monitoring, of new students, mobility students, among other first-time students, through the implementation of the Mentor Program.
  3. Special Educational Needs (SEN), support in opening the process for the acquisition of SEN status. Link between SEN students and teachers. Support of SEN students throughout their academic career.
  4. Mobility Students, Incoming Student Reception and Integration, Outgoing Student Support and Information.