Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Gestão de Recursos Humanos e Académicos do Taguspark

Mobility Students

The Student Support Office works with the International Affairs Area by organizing the Incoming students’ reception every six months and conducting sessions with the International Mobility and Cooperation Unit (NMCI) for Outgoing students.

Sessions Schedule:

Month Day
March 2023 23
June 23 15


Mentoring Program for Mobility Students:

The Mentoring Program for Mobility Students is ruled by the same guidelines as the Mentoring Program for New Students (

Mobility Mentor Application:

June / July runs the period of application for Mobility Mentor for the following school year.

An interview at the Taguspark Student Support Office is made to assess the volunteer profile. Mentors should preferably be at 1st / 2nd year of a Master Degree and have participated or intend to participate in Mobility Programs.


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